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To sign up for a basic account, all you need is a username, password and a valid email address.

What do i get for signing up?

You will be provided with a user profile which is shown on your promotion site. On the same site you'll find Contact-details or buttons as well as download-links for your uploaded music or mixes.
Once you filled in the required information your profile is active and appears in the search listings on and searchengines like Google™ or Yahoo™. Your profile and it's functions are ever evolving with our users needs, so you have an influence on what you want from Please contact our team with your suggestions or problems: WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

Can i sell my tracks on

Yes, we are running a music shop with the databass system. Please understand that we can't allow users to upload music on their own to the shop, and therefore every application for the shop will be reviewed by the crew.
Prices or discounts are for you to decide, we are only going to charge 15% service fee. Payout is over Paypal, no minimum required.

Can i advertise on

Of course! Just contact us for an Add-Plan.

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Sony Earbuds Stop Playing Music When Removed
Pulling out an earbud is generally considered the pinnacle of MP3 player etiquette. It demonstrates a slight--but not overwhelming--interest in the world outside of your head. Sony Ericsson is harnessing this early 21st century move for its latest pair of headphones....

Vodafone Group Signs Music Deal With Warner Music
LONDON (Dow Jones)--Vodafone PLC (VOD.LN), a mobile telecommunications company, announced Monday a deal with Warner Music (TWX) which will make Vodafone the first global mobile network operator to offer its customers over-the-air access to the combined music catalogue of the world's four largest music companies in DRM-free format....

Using Smart Playlists With Nested Conditionals in ITunes
Among the many features added to iTunes 9 is a tweak to the way you can create smart playlists. Using this new feature, you can create nested conditional smart playlists; smart playlists that contain multiple sets of rules, as opposed to simply multiple rules....

Yoko Ono is on a mission -- still
The performance artist, with her revived Plastic Ono Band and a new album, is bent on exploding the barriers between music styles. Oh, and if it does well on the charts, all the better....

Zune HD review: Music wants you back
OK, so my official CNET review of the Zune HD is up and running over at CNET Reviews. It's worth checking out, but if you don't feel like taking 10 minutes out of your day to soak it all in, then I'll make it real clear to you with just two sentences: Buy the Zune HD if you love music. Buy an iPod for everything else. ...

Music Industry Wants Apple, Amazon to Pay Up
Music professionals want more money, and now they're going after online retailers like Apple's iTunes and Amazon to get it. Performing rights groups such as the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI), and others believe online retailers need to pay industry professionals for music contained in film and television downloads, 30-second song samples, and radio station streaming, according to CNET. Their rationale for the new fees? All of these instances count as public performances....

Experts Weigh In On Kanye West's Post-VMA Career Recovery
What can the rapper do to recover from the Taylor Swift incident? Kanye West has made a habit of brash moves that some might consider career suicide, from radically changing up his musical style, to chasing avant-garde fashion and daring to buck rap's strict macho code. But could one of his most conventional acts of rebellion Sunday's dis of Taylor Swift at the VMAs turn out to be the left turn that does irreparable damage to his career? ...