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...supports you with information about music tools we recommend. In about every profession it is the grade of tools which determine the outcome to nearly 50%. Having a great tool can make work incredibly easy or even fun. People who found their tool of choice and are so convinced of it that they want to share their experiences can be found here in the databassTools section. If you have a personal favorite and you like to review it contact us.

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Traktor DJ Studio 3

Traktor DJ Studio 3 As computers become even faster and more affordable, the DJ world is quickly opening up to new digital perspectives. Thanks to the use of the newest software technology, DJs have the power to mix digital music formats like audio CDs and MP3s. With the DJ Line, Native Instruments develops software for the DJ of tomorrow. Audio tracks can be easily mixed live on a laptop or desktop computer, with unprecedented flexibility and intuitive operation. In design the DJ software applications resemble the classic DJ setup, with two decks and a mixer. But what is now possible with NI software far exceeds the limits of conventional turntables.

Due to outstanding BPM detection, MP3 and audio CD tracks can be automatically and precisely synchronized. This makes it possible not only to play two tracks simultaneously, but to set tempo accurate loops on the fly. You can shift the loop position forward or backward, or resize its length during playback, all while staying locked in the groove. Another innovation is the Mixfile format, which allows DJs to record, playback and overdub all mixing actions without replicating the audio material.

TRAKTOR DJ Studio 3 is the professional DJ software for live mixing and mix production. Version 3 brings with it numerous innovations for DJing at clubs and parties. Some of the most thrilling new features are the expansion from 2 to 4 playback decks and an emulation of the new, much sought-after Allen & Heath Xone:92 4-channel club mixer. Four professional, tempo-synced effects and an even easier operation will see you mixing hypnotic DJ sets. The integrated access to Beatport Online Music Store, the world’s leading internet dance music specialist, means you’ll always have just the right track to hand.

Traktor was first released in 2000 and has gone through several major application changes. The initial versions of Traktor were Traktor Studio and Traktor DJ, with Traktor Studio being more full featured (and expensive). In 2002, Traktor DJ Studio 2 was released. Traktor DJ Studio 2 offered several new features, including scratch macros. It also expanded its looping, MIDI, and cue point functionality. In 2003, Traktor DJ Studio 2.5 was released. This new version expanded the time stretching functionality, added OpenSound Control (OSC) support, and gave the user limited ability to customize the look of the interface.

In 2003, Native Instruments partnered with Stanton Magnetics to develop the software for their Final Scratch product. This partnership not only gave Stanton a Win/Mac version of the Final Scratch software (which previously ran in a version of Debian Linux), but it allowed Native Instruments to use the Final Scratch timecode engine in their own Traktor line. In 2005, Native Instruments added vinyl emulation capability to Traktor DJ Studio in version 2.6 of the software. 2.6 also included live input, streaming internet broadcasting, support for more file formats, and greatly expanded MIDI capability. Soon after, Traktor DJ Studio 3 was released. Traktor DJ Studio 3 added 2 more playback decks (for a total of 4), built in effects, Beatport online store integration, a 4 channel mixer, a Universal Binary version, deck caching, as well as many small improvements to existing features...

Our DJ who uses it: Greg Brookman (website)

Traktor DJ Studio 3 "Use Traktor. It's far more fun than CDJs!" - Greg Brookman

Company: Native-Instruments | Website:

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iKey Audio

iKey Audio This Tool makes it incredibly easy to record live audio data into high quality .mp3 or .wav files which are compatible with any PC, Mac, or iPod. Record live sets, interviews, radio, television or whatever you like. The iKey records directly to USB (Stick or Hard Drive) and requires but the press of a button.

  • Compatible with iPod®

  • USB Port (For direct connectivity to supported USB Storage Device)

  • Compatible with USB 2.0/1.1/1.0 devices

  • Records audio to uncompressed WAV format or MP3 format (w/ selectable bit rate, up to 256kbps)

  • Gold plated RCA inputs

  • LED Indicator shows memory remaining on target drive

  • Battery powered w/ low battery indicator

  • DC charger input with DC adaptor included for use with rechargeable batteries

  • Level clip indicator

  • Record volume control

  • Reset button

  • Requires 4AA batteries (Not included)

  • Unit Dimensions: 5.43" W x 1.1" D x 3.27" H (138 x 28 x 83)

  • Weight: Approx. 2lbs

Our DJ who uses it: Graham Gold (website)

Company: iKeuy Audio | Website:

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Steinberg Cubase 5

Steinberg Cubase 5 "Cubase 5 comes with fully integrated new tools for working with loops, beats and vocals, such as LoopMash and VariAudio, combining with new composition features and the first VST3 convolution reverb to take musical creativity to new heights. With stunning innovations and additional enhancements that boost productivity and performance, Cubase 5 represents the absolute cutting edge in digital audio workstations."

Our DJ who uses it: DJ Rubdown (website)

"Having been a Cubase user for over 15 years i've seen and tried many imitation products which have come along; Logic is the main competitor nowadays and many prefer it but at the end of the day it really is just down to personal preference. Cubase isn't as quick or intuitive as the likes of Reason or Fruity Loops but there is no limit to what you can do with it - something which can't be said of the cheaper alternatives in my opinion." - DJ Rubdown

Company: Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH | Website:

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XONE:1D (Midi Controller)

XONE:1D (Midi Controller) "The Xone:1D is a dedicated MIDI controller connected and powered by USB, which can be used to control DJ software such as Ableton Live and Traktor3.

Use the Xone:1D with any DJ mixer to add digital control, or add the 1D to a Xone:2D to your favourite mixer to make up the equivalent to a Xone:3D!

As well as the USB connection, the Xone:1D has 5-pin DIN MIDI sockets for connection to other MIDI-enabled devices, such as samplers, sequencers or recorders. In the same way as the acclaimed Xone:3D mixer/controller works, all the MIDI controls can be mapped to software for use as navigation controls, providing the user with the same tactile control of performance software."

  • 43 MIDI messages

  • USB, MIDI connections

  • 4 x 60mm linear faders

  • 8 detented rotary pots

  • 19 push buttons - 4 illuminated

  • 5 rotary encoders with "push to switch" function

  • Multi-function jog wheel with switched navigation control

  • Dimensions: 88mm x 358mm x 120mm

Our DJ who uses it: Greg Brookman (website)

Company: Allen & Heath | Website:

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DJM-600 Pioneer Mixer

DJM-600 Pioneer Mixer "Innumerable sampling functions with powerful effects.

The DJM-600 is a powerful 4 channel effects mixer with such great versatility that it is one of the most popular mixers on the market.
The DJM-600 boasts an intuitive range of Beat Effects and a multitude of channel and cross fader options.

The mixer features an Auto BPM function as well as a broad range of beat effects that give you complete control over effect intensity.
The mixer also works as a beat sampler, with recording and play modes. This means DJs can capture up to eight seconds of sound and play it manually, or use the Auto Loop Play to loop the sample seamlessly.
The Stretch Play feature can be used to manipulate the tempo of the sample with the beat.

Packed full of powerful effects and sampling functions, the highly durable DJM-600 remains a first-class choice for DJs the world over."

Our DJ who uses it: Dj T (website)

"A wicked piece. I got a bar just by the seashore and my mixer is surviving the rough climate realy good. Of course nothing lasts forever and parts wear out, like the faders or levels, but i order them for low with Pioneer in Bangkok. Using a souldering gun isn't hard and replacing some parts takes you half an hour." - Dj T

Company: Pioneer | Website:

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CDJ-800 MK2 Pioneer CD Deck

CDJ-800 MK2 Pioneer CD Deck "Give the ultimate sonic performance.

Watch videos about this product on DJsounds.comDesigned with world-class DJs to advance performance and handling, the innovative second generation of CDJ-800s are stylishly tailored to extract the utmost creativity from the digital revolution.

The MK2s feature convenient MP3 compatibility, a folder search facility and an improved jog wheel. They allow you to create, cut and manipulate loops live using the new auto beat loop command and provide extra memory for storing cue/loop points.

Supported by solid steel buttons and a metallic finish as well as brighter, clearer displays of data, the CDJ-800MK2 offers power, freedom and control."

Our DJ who uses it: Dj T (website)

Company: Pioneer | Website:

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Numark 'Total Control'

Numark High-quality software performance.

TOTAL CONTROL is a powerful control surface for performing and producing with DJ software. The time-tested layout works just like two decks and a mixer so whether you're a seasoned professional or just honing your skills, TOTAL CONTROL is easy to learn and capable of advanced technique. It's portable so you can grab TOTAL CONTROL and your laptop and go to wherever the gig is.


TOTAL CONTROL has two deck controller sections with large jog wheels and transports controls so whether you're used to a CD player, turntables, or any other traditional DJ hardware, you'll find getting around easy. The center of TOTAL CONTROL's surface is its mixer section with a smooth crossfader, line faders, deck EQs, and more advanced controls for looping and effects.


TOTAL CONTROL comes with Native Instruments Traktor LE software, which is based on Traktor Pro. It gives you four optional layouts, including cover art. You will enjoy new Beatgrid Editing and saving with locked sync for precise performance. New in Traktor LE is manual looping and selectable loop length for flexible loop integration. Additionally, Traktor LE gives you a choice of effects per deck including filter, delay, reverb and flanger. TOTAL CONTROL comes factory mapped for use with Traktor Pro or LE for out-of-the-box performance. It's compatible with Mac and PC, and works with nearly any audio format.


TOTAL CONTROL connects to your Mac or PC as a class-compliant USB device so it requires no software drivers to work, and USB powers it so you won't need an external supply.


* Classic, dual-deck layout with complete mixer section
* Lighted controls indicate status in software for less time looking at the computer
* MIDI-over-USB controller is compatible with most DJ software
* Mac and PC class-compliant USB device requires no software drivers
* USB-powered device requires no power supply
* Includes Native Instruments Traktor LE software; mapped for Traktor Pro
* Kensington lock slot for theft prevention


Minimum System Requirements (PC):

* Windows XP SP2 (32-bit) or Vista (32-bit)
* Pentium III or AMD Athlon 1GHz
* 512MB RAM

Minimum System Requirements (MAC):

* Mac OSX 10.4 or higher
* G4 1.5 GHz or Intel Core Duo 1.6GHz
* 512MB RAM

Our DJ who uses it: Christian Void (website)

"It's a highly portable device which weighs arround the same as your cd booklet or less. It is powered over USB so no additional cables, and i can control my TRAKTOR software entirely over the 'Numark'. I recently went for a little tour through Thailand and the 'Total Control' was the perfect choice as it uses my laptop(which i carry anyway) as library and a minijack or phonojack as output. I was able to play on every system as i only need an inlet in either, mixer or amp." - Christian Void

Company: Numark | Website:

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