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by Tristan Hunt

The team of is very delighted to offer you this peace of literature, which was composed by our lyrical wordsmith 'T' as well as Monique and Rombout from the DJ Duo 'CATSUIT LOVERS'.
With outstanding performances on their first asia trip, the two are bound to come back. Here is what they had to say about their first time...

Hi Catsuit, welcome to,

Firstly, how's your whirlwind tour of Thailand, is Siam meeting your expectations?
And where have you played?

Since we've been to Thailand a couple of times before, we were familiar with the country. But this was our first time as dj's, not as tourists, and that made quite a difference.
This way we got to meet more local people, a chance you don't get quite easily as a tourist. This made it far more enjoyable and educative, because you don't get to know a country by just the regular sightseeing. We have played in Bangkok at Club Culture, Glow Bar and BarSu (at Sheraton Grande Hotel). And at Stereolab (Phuket) and Jumunjy Bar (Koh Pha Ngan).

Your style is best explained to the general public as dirty, funky electrohouse.
After having the pleasure of you playing for us at JUMUNJY BAR, the home of DATABASS.ASIA, I would say your style of sound is truly original and goes far deeper, could you explain in your own words what the party people can expect from a CATSUIT LOVER DJ DUO event?

We have always played a variety of electronic dance music, we're absolutely no genre purists. We play techno, house, electro, acid, breaks, progressive and disco, so rather eclectic within electronic dance music. The one thing all our music has in common is indeed the dirtyness with deep, rolling basslines and rough synths. Depending on the venue and its audience we will try to play what's suitable
for the moment. That may sound quite common, but we go a bit further than usual. When we played at Club Culture for example, the promoter expected us to play purely techno. Because the audience really, really, really didn't want to hear any abstract, pounding sounds, but something more recognizable instead, we simply switched to some rocky house and breaks bootlegs to cheer up the place. Because we have a very broad taste it's easy for us to do some crowd pleasing without losing our soul. And you can expect us to play something really weird and off once in a while, simply because we feel like it (like the Trentemoller remix of Rage Against The Machine's 'Killing in the name of...'. in the mix of our Turbulence gig at Jumunjy you put online). We love our rock'n'roll as well, haha.

CATSUIT is a really catchy name and fits hand in hand with your unique brands image.
How did the CATSUIT LOVER DJ DUO come about?
And what does the name CATSUIT mean to you both?

Here we come back at the dirtyness again..."a dirty sound is a joy forever!" is our slogan.
When we decided to team up as a duo we spent a whole afternoon on brainstorming about a suitable name which sounded as catchy as 'Catsuit'.
It took us at least four hours and six beers to realize the name simply had to be this.
And the answer to the everlasting burning question we get is: yes, I (Kiki) looooove to wear catsuits!

The CATSUIT brand also boasts an online magazine. What kind of features can we expect from Catsuit Magazine?
And can you tell us of any musical / artistic plans you have for the future of the CATSUIT brand?

We launched the magazine mainly for fun. The idea was comparable to playing records: you can 'show' your favourite records as a DJ, so why not show any visual stuff we like?
During daytime we are an audiovisual producer (Kiki) and stagebuilder (Larry), so our creative interests do not only lie in music, but also in film, photography and basically everything you can think of. Once in a while we bump into something which is really cool, sexy and funny or we meet some people who are just crazy, then we organize a photoshoot and put it online. That's it for now. With a little luck we will be able to rent a hangar in Amsterdam in the near future. If that's the case, things will become very interesting soon studiowise. We try not to have a fixed image of our future, but take every interesting opportunity we get to grow.
Our main focus is and will always be on dj-ing and music production though.

Before the party at JUMUNJY the other night while setting up equipment you explained to me traditionally you play your sets on vinyl but have made the move to CD for your Asian tour. Touring in Asia with a hectic schedule is not easy at the best of times, do you have any advice for our readers which may be planning a tour in Asia?

Fly. The schedules of trains and buses are too flexible according to Western standards. If you really want to travel hardcore, multiply your travelling time by two.
Drink. Water. Loads.
Burn your cd's on slow speed, the best quality there is. No iTunes whatever 64x speeds. Be patient or sorry.
If you really can not give up your vinyl, be prepared to get attacked by a termite colony who will eat the labels and shit them out on the vinyl.
Really, we've seen it with our own eyes.

Thank you Monique and Rombout, for your words and for gracing the decks at JUMUNJY BAR, playing a massive 9hr+ set that took us all on a trip to the CATSUIT side!!!

The recording is available as MP3 download, Check it out and we at DATABASS.ASIA are more than sure you will be booking The CATSUIT LOVER DJ DUO for a full sensory performance!

Promo Pack / Booking:, promopacks on request
Catsuit Magazine:
Email: info[at]
Myspace page:

CATSUIT on their very own Tour Elephant. It didn
CATSUIT on their very own Tour Elephant. It didn't even flinch when we tattooed it.

Monique and Rombout at their second favourite activity. Photoshoots. Check out their artwork at
Monique and Rombout at their second favourite activity. Photoshoots. Check out their artwork at

And when there is no gig to be played and all pics are taken, Monique and Rombout are holding up walls for a living.
And when there is no gig to be played and all pics are taken, Monique and Rombout are holding up walls for a living.

If it wouldn
If it wouldn't be for dirty funky electro house flyer photoshoots, this teddymouse would have a boring life in afrika

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