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Enjoy these masterpieces of House and Electro Music, recorded in Jumunjy - Thailand. All downloads are for promotional use only.

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Jumunjy Mix - Monsoon Madness Part 1
The first part of the legendary Koh Tao Party. Funky Electro House from ABSOLUD and friends....
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Catsuit Lovers @ Jumunjy 1_Seb_09
Shorter Set of Catsuit Lovers. Aggressive Electro Rock. Unusual beginning, but you'll be positivly surprised. recommended!...
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Catsuit Lovers @ Jumunjy 26_Aug_09
Underground, minimal, progressive and a rock influence. This DJ duo rocks your world for more than 6 hours. "2 Thumbs up!" says
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Jumunjy Mix - DJ Gezzie 29.12.2008
New Year Warm up Set. Funky Electro....
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Jumunjy Mix - DJ Konya 16.01.2009
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Jumunjy Mix - Xane FM 07.01.2009
Xane, often described as "in"Xane, is an incredible DJ from the mississipi region... and a volunteer firefighter... AWESOME!...
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Jumunjy Mix - Monsoon Madness Part 2
Jumunjy and MOOV Bar Koh Tao in electronic frenzy...
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Jumunjy Mix - Turbulence begins 01.05.2009
The official start of Jumunjy Label "Turbulence". Graham Gold, Gezzie, Pope, etc. WKD Mix, Legendary! ...
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Jumunjy Mix - AfterDark [Turbulence] 30.05.2009
Jumunjy AfterDark opening. Greg Brookman on the Decks! co-feat. ABSOLUD and Roolio....
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Jumunjy Mix - AfterDark [Drum&Bass] 05.06.2009
Orchid Resort Koh Phangan Drum and Bass Crew in Jumunjy. Two days before every Full Moon Party. DJ Keng, Sith and Goo....
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Jumunjy Mix 24.12.2008
Christmas in Jumunjy. Too many DJs, +20 in total. Merry Christmas....
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Jumunjy Mix - DJ Boy Backyard
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Jumunjy Mix 22.12.2008
DJ Gezzie and ABSOLUD plus special guests. Funky Electro, Progressive....
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UK Hard House Legend Greg Brookman as guest on Things we wanted to know, things he wanted to say and things nobody ever asked for. Get to know what its like to be a real DJ.

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Special Thanks to these Fellas for their ideas and creativity:
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